What is The Most Effective Anxiety Cure?

What is The Most Effective Anxiety Cure?

There are many anxiety cures used to cure a person suffering from frequent bouts of anxiety. Anxiety is something that is usually self induced for many reasons. However, it is mostly due external pressures and stress of the society and the environment around us. The basic concept followed in anxiety cures lies in helping you change your attitude and outlook towards the challenges you face in your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be successful in treating anxiety, panic and phobias by dealing with your outlook, thoughts and behavior on life’s challenges. CBT consists of two types of anxiety cures, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy.

CBT proves to be very effective of anxiety cures because…..

In behavior therapy, your reaction to things that tend to trigger anxiety and feelings associated with the start of anxiety are targeted. The main intention of this anxiety therapy is to break the connection that lies between what triggers and your anxiety symptoms. You are also taught to relax (physically and mentally) through behavioral therapy.

With cognitive therapy, you are helped to recognize your thought patterns so you can realize how you tend to interpret events positively or negatively. You will most likely deal with the negative interpretations of how you deal with evens in your life. You see, this misinterpretation of such events usually leads to the start of negative thoughts that can stem out of control on a physical basis; which in turn leads to a build up of panic and anxiety.

Of the many anxiety cures available these days, CBT proves to be very effective in curing everyday anxiety attacks. So if you tend to get anxious when thinking about an upcoming project at work or when it comes times to pay the bills the best cure for your anxiety would be CBT because you will need to deal with these situations differently.

Another treatment for anxiety that you can look into is Hypnotherapy.

Most people turn to hypnotherapy for curing anxiety as it is also considered to be one of the most effective anxiety cures. With hypnotherapy, you are put into a state of hypnosis by a professional hypnotherapist. There are two forms of hypnotherapy used on anxiety sufferers:

There are many types of hypnotherapy techniques. For example, one technique is where the hypnotherapist looks for the cause of your anxiety using age regression and to try to regain qualities you once had this can change your emotion then next time you experience something that causes anxiety symptoms or maybe even help you vent or at least release some of the emotion you have from it. In the other form of hypnotherapy, your behavior is changed by changing the way you think. With this move, you are encouraged to have belief in yourself.

However of the many anxiety cures, there is a small drawback with hypnotherapy. You have to be relaxed for hypnosis to work; and if you’re anxious or panic stricken, you may find it difficult to relax in a hypnotherapist clinic. There are also people who are not that comfortable with the aspect of entering an altered state during hypnotherapy. Of course it is up to the doctor to decide which of these anxiety cures is best for you.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information in this article is not a substitute for specific medical advice. It is highly recommended you seek a physician for medical advisement.

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