Treating Anxiety Through Dream Therapy

By Christina Sponias

Dream therapy will teach you many truths you ignore. You’ll learn how to stop being impatient, afraid, and stressed all the time. The anxiety cure based on dream therapy gives you back the life you lost many years ago.

The fact that you’ll analyze your dreams will help you understand that there is no meaning on running so much and trying to do everything at the same time. You’ll stop worrying all the time because you are constantly facing dangerous situations. You’ll stop being a victim of other people’s wickedness. The unconscious mind will help you change your life.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on:

* Developing your intelligence,

* Eliminating all the negative characteristics you have inherited, and

* Eliminating the negative effect of past traumatic experiences.

The unconscious treatment is based on a very detailed analysis of your entire life, your behavior, and your present situation. You’ll eliminate false impressions, wrong ideas, stupid conclusions, and everything that is blocking your intelligence, without letting you evolve.

You’ll discover that the reason why you are so anxious is not merely a consequence of the way you live, but the result of your erroneous mindset and behavior. The unconscious mind will teach you how to become a wise human being.

When you are a balanced human being, you are always calm. Instead of losing control and being dominated by total despair when you face horrible situations, you calmly examine all the alternatives you have at your disposal, and you solve all your problems, one by one. You are not dominated by panic.

You’ll be surprised for discovering the unconscious wisdom. This is a wonderful discovery. This knowledge cannot be compared to anything else. You have a direct communication with God!

All the citations about dreams and interpretations found in the Bible were showing us how important dreams are. Many other religions besides the Catholic showed us the importance of dreams the same way.

Native Americans trusted the meaning of their dreams and respected their guidance with gratitude. However, our violent, materialistic, and atheistic civilization is very far from being able to evaluate the real value of the dream messages.

You should surpass the superficial mindset of your historical time. The truth is complex. You should always show respect to the precious meaning of your dreams.

I’m going to translate a dream for you in order to give you an example.

The dreamer is a very anxious young woman who has a relationship with a rude man. She insists on having a relationship with him because she loves him, but he keeps humiliating her.

She dreamt that she was in a forest. However, she noticed that she didn’t wear shoes. She was afraid of a lion that was coming towards her. She tried to run, but she couldn’t run because she was barefoot and her feet were bleeding.

Dream translation:

The forest indicates a dangerous situation.

The feet in dreams represent the beliefs of the dreamer, in other words, her moral principals. Shoes in dreams protect the dreamer’s moral principals.

Since the dreamer was not wearing shoes in the forest, she was unprotected while facing a very dangerous situation.
The lion represents a very strong, or a very selfish person. In this case the lion has a negative meaning; he is the selfish man she loves. Since the lion is attacking her, this means that the man she loves is in fact killing her with his actions.

In the end her feet are bleeding because she is not able to protect her moral principals. She is not wearing shoes. This means that she completely forgot her beliefs, her personality, and her normal behavior.

This dream clearly shows to the dreamer that she cannot understand how dangerous her situation is. At the same time, it shows her that she is a victim of this man’s attitude because she abandoned her moral principals. She is accepting many things that are against her beliefs.

The unconscious mind explains to the dreamer that her anxiety begins with her acceptance of what is against her moral principals. She is suffering because she abandoned her philosophy of life. She got involved with a man who is totally different from the man who is the ideal one for her. She would never be able to live happily with him.

As you can see from this example, the unconscious mind discovers the dreamer’s mistakes. Her problem wasn’t the fact that she fell in love with a man who didn’t love her.

Her anxiety had a different origin; she abandoned her moral principals. This is why she fell in love with a man who was not the ideal one for her. Her psychological problem begins with the fact that she lost a big portion of her human conscience because she accepted the absurd suggestions of her anti-conscience. Her moral principals were protecting her from craziness; without them, she could only fall into her anti-conscience’s trap.

Now, the unconscious mind will analyze the dreamer’s life story in details, and show her why and when she decided to abandon her moral principals. In the end, the dreamer will discover that she is not really in love with this man who treats her horribly. She believes that she is in love with him because she is controlled by her absurd anti-conscience.

This dreamer has a masochist behavior because she lost her conscience. She lost her normal personality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t feel attracted by a man who humiliates her.

From this example you can understand that the unconscious mind detects the origin of all psychological problems. The unconscious psychotherapy eliminates all absurd reactions. The dreamer understands why he/she has a negative attitude, and how to correct her behavior.

All psychological problems are originated by your wild anti-conscience. Once you eliminate your anti-conscience through dream therapy, you’ll behave like a wise human being. The unconscious mind will cure your psyche, purify your spirit, and help you solve your daily problems.

You’ll stop being anxious because you won’t have any reason to worry about anything. The unconscious mind will give you information about everyone around you, besides showing you everything about your psychological content.

You’ll be able to predict the future, change the development of your reality, and a lot more. The unconscious treatment is more than just psychotherapy. The unconscious mind will transform your life into a wonderful journey.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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Is There Such a Thing as an Anxiety Cure?

By Dave Pipitone

Is there hope for me or do I live with this problem for the rest of my life? Does an anxiety cure exist for people suffering from panic attacks? People often question their future when they find out about an unexpected condition or illness. This question applies to mental, physical, and emotional conditions. Let’s examine this issue. First of all, there is no pill or liquid that is a cure-all for everything. If someone tells you there is, look out. It’s like the salesmen at carnivals in the 1800’s who sold snake oil potions to solve every medical problem. Most psychologists agree that a single cure couldn’t possibly exist because there are many types of anxiety problems and many more causes.

Causes may include phobias, traumas, substance abuse from drinking or drugs, or even a set of negative attitudes or an unhealthy belief system about life. Also the degree and severity of the panic attack is different. Some people have very mild forms of anxiety attacks while others will experience body-paralyzing fear. Many times, mild anxiety problems can be prevented. While no single anxiety cure exists, there are many things you can do to prevent and treat it.

Prevention is a health alternative to cure anxiety

One of the best ways to counter anxiety involves having a healthy attitude. Sometimes, an overly negative attitude allows them to develop bad thinking patterns. It is typical for such people to eventually have anxiety disorders. Typically, such people also have poor skills in handling stressful situations. Many anxiety disorders develop over a long period of time. By being more attuned to ones mental well-being, a person can actually help prevent the development of anxiety disorders.

What is eating you may be what you are eating

A very simple solution is what you eat, not what is eating you. A healthy diet is under-rated as a means of combating anxiety disorders. The truth is that anxiety can sometimes be caused by hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body. A healthy and balanced diet can help control those imbalances. Some people who already experience some types of anxiety disorders may be given dietary advice alongside psychotherapy instead of medication. Nutritional supplements may help to reduce the risk of many minor anxiety ailments.

Using the treatment of behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy offers patients with anxiety disorders an alternative to medication. Most anxiety illnesses are actually just formed out of habit of wrong thinking or wrong acting. By simply changing thought patterns during the beginning stages of a panic attack, a patient can divert the symptoms and avoid the impact of a full-scale anxiety attack. Behavioral therapy is not a quick fix; it requires constant practice and is considered long-term treatment. It is preferred over other types of treatment because it doesn’t need drug treatment, is safe, and has a very good success rate.

The most popular type of behavioral therapy involves discovering the faulty perception that leads to fear and anxiety. Thoughts are things and false beliefs can create extensive destructive cellular memories that build up over time. The doctor will then try to desensitize the patient from the object of his fear. Exercises are done repeatedly until the anxiety disappears. Using a prayer meditation technique, like those offered by The Healing Codes, can yield effective and reliable results. There is no quick anxiety cure, but most anxiety problems are not major threats to a person’s health.

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Can Anxiety Cures Really Solve Your Panic Attacks and General Anxiety?

By Jason H. Lee

Anyone that has experienced severe bouts of anxiety will go to all sorts of lengths to manage the condition so that it doesn’t start to manage them. An even better solution would be an effective anxiety cure. But do anxiety cures exist and what can they do to stop anxiety in it’s tracks. This article will cover some of these issues.

To begin with, it is debatable whether there are actually cures for anxiety. Anxiety or a panic attack can be prompted by an experience. The body responds to the experience by releasing various hormones that may cause the body or mind to respond in certain ways. As people constantly have and actually seek new experiences, a panic attack and general anxiety could follow.

So an anxiety cure basically revolves around recognizing situations that will cause anxiety or recognizing personal symptoms that suggest a panic attack or anxiety is imminent. When this is known various methods can be used to stop the anxiety or cure it before it becomes a serious problem. Here are the common methods.

Many people go for medication. The main form of drug used is termed an antidepressant. A popular brand is Zoloft. which is known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It helps to increase the amount of serotonin within the central nervous system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps a person control various functions like temperature and metabolism through to emotions like anger and mood.

Some people are slightly suspicious of medication and prefer to go for herbal or natural supplements rather than a pharmaceutical product. The most common herbal supplement is known as St. Johns Wort. Studies suggest that it works on inhibiting serotonin reuptake too. Other types of herbal supplements are milder and effectively act as calming or relaxing agents.

After medication and natural supplements, there are therapies and techniques that can be used to cure anxiety.

People can be taught meditation either through yoga or deep breathing. The aim to to calm down the body through physical and/or mental techniques. It can be developed to such an extent that it can act as a trigger to release various hormones within the body to counteract the anxiety or stress hormones like cortisone and adrenaline.

Therapies can also be taken that work towards identifying the root cause of the anxiety or panic attack and rationalizing it. There are various forms of therapy that go under the umbrella term cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). These techniques can involve working with a therapist through to self therapy for people that understand or have been taught some of the techniques.

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The Most Effective Anxiety Cures That Work

By Alexandru Matei

Anxiety cures have been discussed a lot over the past few years. Not many sufferers managed to overcome anxiety using medication. Whether is is medication or natural alternatives, most people with anxiety are trying to find the exact cure for anxiety, and I can well understand it.

While today the number of people suffering from anxiety is continuously growing, more and more anxiety cures are being researched. Anxiety is a mind-disorders, I would`t even call it a disease.

More and more people are wondering if anxiety is treatable, how find the exact cure for anxiety and use the exact methods that others have used to stop their anxiety for good.

Do anxiety cures exist?

If medication along with psychotherapy does not work people are trying several other methods such as deep breathing techniques, yoga, acupuncture and many more, but still with weak results. Spending your money on expensive counseling or therapies which may not even work is one of the worst solution for anxiety.

Many sufferers have claimed that alternative methods do work better than classic medications, meanwhile using natural cures for anxiety, the sufferer also avoids the highly addictive medications and their side effects.

You need to seek for a cure that has worked for other sufferers. There other natural cures for anxiety that have worked for thousands of people already.

Surveys and statistics show that the majority of people that managed to overcome anxiety and panic attacks reported to have used natural methods that do not involve any medication.

You can find more information and the complete list of methods to overcome anxiety and panic attacks by visiting : Anxiety Cures.

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How to Find a Natural Anxiety Cure

By Leslie Lovejoy

Most people today experience anxiety on some level; everyone has bills to pay and family concerns. In some cases, though people suffer what is known as an anxiety or panic attack. This is when for seemingly no reason at all the body begins to exhibit signs of intense fear. Some physical symptoms include racing heart, trembling, chills, hallucinations and more. If you have ever felt a panic attack you are sure to be interested in a cure, or possibly even a natural anxiety cure. A natural anxiety cure is one that includes no pharmaceuticals or harsh chemicals of any kind.

Before you search for a cure, you will want to arm yourself with solid information about panic attacks and anxiety disorders. What causes these symptoms and what is the best method for addressing them? Anxiety or panic attacks are caused when there is an overwhelming rushes hormone such as adrenaline. You may be more familiar with the term fight or flight.

In ancient times man needed to be able to fight or flee for his very life at a moment’s notice, hence the body’s ability to flood the system with adrenaline. Today however this response is seldom if ever needed and when it kicks in for no reason at all is actually harmful. If you have experienced this feeling you may want to find a cure.

Physicians and mental health professionals are prone to prescribing strong medication to deal with panic attacks, however many people are opting for a more natural anxiety cure.

One of the most natural options is to change your internal dialogue. Anxiety or panic attacks are often caused by constant worrying and thinking what if the worst happens all the time. This is commonly thought to be a result of self-doubt, thinking you cannot handle certain situations. You can begin to strengthen your inner thoughts by repeating self-affirming statements such as; “I am capable, or there is nothing to fear”.

Relaxation techniques are another method that you can practice in the security of your own home. Stress and fear are the number one contributors to panic attacks and anxiety disorders therefore if you can alleviate the causes you cure the problem. Take a relaxing bath, read a book or meditate to bring your anxiety levels down.

Deep breathing exercises are the easiest forms of relaxation therapy and you can do these anywhere. Slowly breathe in and out through your nose several times. This allows you to keep everything in perspective while at the same time balancing the oxygen level in the blood. It is also believed that deep breaths release endorphins, which increase a feeling of well being and offer analgesic properties as well. What could be a more natural anxiety cure than breathing?

When you are in the midst of a panic attack it is too late to consider a cure, however, you can still use natural methods to get through the attack. Many people find slowly counting to be an effective technique for getting through and anxiety attack. This is another method that aims at focusing the mind to diminish the chances of fear taking over and causing rash actions.

Panic attacks are not something you want to leave untreated. There are more than a few natural anxiety cure options that you can employ if medications are out of the question. Leaving the problem untreated can lead to severe anxiety or even phobias that are debilitating so seek treatment of some kind immediately. A natural anxiety cure is but one of many ways of dealing with panic or anxiety disorders.

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What is The Most Effective Anxiety Cure?

By John Lance

There are many anxiety cures used to cure a person suffering from frequent bouts of anxiety. Anxiety is something that is usually self induced for many reasons. However, it is mostly due external pressures and stress of the society and the environment around us. The basic concept followed in anxiety cures lies in helping you change your attitude and outlook towards the challenges you face in your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be successful in treating anxiety, panic and phobias by dealing with your outlook, thoughts and behavior on life’s challenges. CBT consists of two types of anxiety cures, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy.

CBT proves to be very effective of anxiety cures because…..

In behavior therapy, your reaction to things that tend to trigger anxiety and feelings associated with the start of anxiety are targeted. The main intention of this anxiety therapy is to break the connection that lies between what triggers and your anxiety symptoms. You are also taught to relax (physically and mentally) through behavioral therapy.

With cognitive therapy, you are helped to recognize your thought patterns so you can realize how you tend to interpret events positively or negatively. You will most likely deal with the negative interpretations of how you deal with evens in your life. You see, this misinterpretation of such events usually leads to the start of negative thoughts that can stem out of control on a physical basis; which in turn leads to a build up of panic and anxiety.

Of the many anxiety cures available these days, CBT proves to be very effective in curing everyday anxiety attacks. So if you tend to get anxious when thinking about an upcoming project at work or when it comes times to pay the bills the best cure for your anxiety would be CBT because you will need to deal with these situations differently.

Another treatment for anxiety that you can look into is Hypnotherapy.

Most people turn to hypnotherapy for curing anxiety as it is also considered to be one of the most effective anxiety cures. With hypnotherapy, you are put into a state of hypnosis by a professional hypnotherapist. There are two forms of hypnotherapy used on anxiety sufferers:

There are many types of hypnotherapy techniques. For example, one technique is where the hypnotherapist looks for the cause of your anxiety using age regression and to try to regain qualities you once had this can change your emotion then next time you experience something that causes anxiety symptoms or maybe even help you vent or at least release some of the emotion you have from it. In the other form of hypnotherapy, your behavior is changed by changing the way you think. With this move, you are encouraged to have belief in yourself.

However of the many anxiety cures, there is a small drawback with hypnotherapy. You have to be relaxed for hypnosis to work; and if you’re anxious or panic stricken, you may find it difficult to relax in a hypnotherapist clinic. There are also people who are not that comfortable with the aspect of entering an altered state during hypnotherapy. Of course it is up to the doctor to decide which of these anxiety cures is best for you.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information in this article is not a substitute for specific medical advice. It is highly recommended you seek a physician for medical advisement.

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Which Anxiety Cure Works Best?

By Alexandru Matei

Most anxiety sufferers may think there is no anxiety cure, and they will feel anxious for the rest of their life. I have suffered from anxiety myself for over 4 years. You can stop anxiety simply, quickly, naturally and permanently.

In fact ‘cure’ is a very strong word to deal with, people suffering from anxiety don`t want to find an anxiety cure, they are more likely to seek for the exact way to eliminate their illness and I`m sure if you`re reading this you or someone you love is suffering.

Even if people do not believe it, anxiety and panic attacks are extremely necessary, they would even be at risk without them. When anxiety becomes chronic or even before that, cures must be applied, otherwise the patient might be in danger.

It is wrong and misunderstood when people think that it cannot be cured, there are several natural anxiety cures that have been used by thousands of people already with a success rate of well over 98%.

The mechanism which triggers the panic attacks is disrupted, it causes irrational, inappropriate and sometimes extreme fear and worries which are both caused by an internal organ called the Amygdala, located in the lower part of the brain.

Therefore a chronic anxiety will never be cured with medication, in most of the cases, only the symptoms will be reduced. It is a mind-disorder so the most appropriate cure for this illness would be either therapy, a series of techniques that will eliminate the main root cause that triggers the anxiety.

Lets talk a bit about the Amygdala, which is one tiny organ in the brain, that functions exactly like an electrical switch. The Amygdala turns on and off whenever is needed, when this little organ gets stuck in the ‘ON’ position that is the exact point when anxiety disorders are developed.

Everyone experiences stress, however the levels vary from one person to another. Only chronic and severe forms will need an anxiety cure.

The Amygdala system is described in detail by Charles Linden a former suffer himself for almost a decade. He has researched for almost ten years the actual cause of anxiety and finally released the cure:

It is wrong when people think anxiety is caused by chemical imbalances in their brain, Charles says.

Reversing the Amygdala back to the ‘OFF’ state is what will cure anxiety completely. It is not that complicated, however most people do not have the knowledge and resources needed to do it.

Now… You may think there is no cure for anxiety, and you will feel this way for the rest of your life. I have suffered for well over 4 years, and I can tell you that you are completely wrong. You can feeling this way simply, quickly, naturally and permanently. Maybe you`ll ask yourself if the is any cure for anxiety.

The answer is The Linden Method, by Charles Linden. This method has helped over 112,579 people worldwide, and the number is growing. The method is easy to implement and quick. Literally it can cure anxiety in a matter of a few days. However patience is needed.

If you haven`t heard of The Linden Method, you didn’t find an anxiety cure that works!

Alexandru Matei publishes articles on various health related topics and he is the proud owner of [], one of the leading medical communities online.

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Do Natural Anxiety Cures Really Work?

By Amit Mehta

Anxiety cures can come as traditional medicine prescribed by a doctor. Or anxiety cures can take the form of natural supplements.

There are many companies that claim to have all sorts of natural herbal anxiety cures. While these anxiety cures might be effective for some people, anyone considering using them should know that some of these herbal or natural types of anxiety cures are unproven. In fact, a large percentage of these natural or herbal anxiety cures are not backed up with clinical studies.

When considering using natural anxiety cures, be sure to do your homework. Read all you can about what goes into the anxiety cure you’re considering using. If there are any records of clinical studies on the anxiety cure, be sure to read those.

One natural anxiety cure that claims to be backed up with clinical medical data is Seredyn. Seredyn advertises itself as a natural anxiety cure that will help those suffering from anxiety deal with their worries and remain calm and happy.

The reason why Seredyn claims that it is a legitimate anxiety cure made from natural ingredients is because it contains the extract of herbs called Valerian and Passion Flower. Some studies show that these herbs have anti-anxiety properties.

According to these studies, if Valerian is taken in daily doses of 50 to 500 milligrams, it’s been known to be an effective anxiety cure. And a few hundred milligrams of Passion Fruit extract a day is also a good anxiety cure that helps with relaxation.

Some say that Green Tea is also a good natural anxiety cure. It contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has anti-anxiety properties. For it to be as effective as possible as an anxiety cure, it should be taken in doses of 100 to 300 milligrams.

Be cautious, though. Some anxiety cures that claim to contain L-theanine only have a very low amount of the herb. In order to be effective as an anxiety cure, the treatment needs to have high percentages of pure L-theanine.

There are also various other types of herbal drops available that all claim that they are the perfect anxiety cures. They claim to relieve anxiety, stress, irritability, and nervous tension. Suggestions for dose size and frequency for these types of anxiety cures in the form of herbal drops varies. The most common dose suggestion is that a couple of drops be taken three times a day with a glass of water.

Some clinical trials suggest that the herb St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a good natural anxiety cure because it relieves depression with fewer side effects than prescription drugs. But in order to be an effective anxiety cure, St. John’s Wort must contain a high concentration of an active ingredient, hyperforin, which is said to regulate the chemical messengers that control the levels of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals effect emotions.

Relaxation techniques can also be good anxiety cures. Listening to calming music, meditation, prayer, and getting enough sleep each night can be very effective anxiety cures.

Some forms of alternative medications and treatments can be considered anxiety cures as well. Acupuncture might work as an anxiety cure by directing your stresses elsewhere. Massage can be an effective anxiety cure because it helps your body relax and helps you deal with anxiety.

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